20 January 2011


First solo exhibition coming up.....from 8th feb to 21st feb at Trinity

All are invited to the private view on Monday 7th feb from 5.30....free wine!
...more to follow...

17 January 2011

Matt Damon as Matt Damon, starring in Matt Damon...

Here's a doodle/sketch/painting in progress...I think I wanted to draw this because there's just too much of a matt damon expression on his face...he only ever plays himself...in fact his face is pretty annoying to look at.

12 January 2011

Latest project...

As well as still eating a lot of chocolate and drinking baileys like its going out of fashion, I have been busy working on a logo design for a training make-up artist...

This is how her business card turned out...Leila wanted a clean vintage look that was very feminine and not harsh and black/red like a lot of make-up artist branding is.

5 January 2011


I couldn't help myself in putting up this picture of our puppy Bertie. My sister is a primary school teacher and has managed to persuade her kids that Bertie is in fact Santa's dog and lives at the North pole and everything! Good work Bertie.
Sadly he's got too fat now for this santa outfit :( Ah well we'll have to find him a new outfit!