22 November 2012


Hosted by Agency Rush, and Crush Creative design agency in Brighton, Glug is a celebration of collaborative creativity, culminating in a night of speakers, live art and pop-up shops. 'More Notworking than Networking'  Who wouldn't enjoy that??

I was asked to be involved as one of the 5 artists creating a piece on a 4ft board throughout the night. The theme was 'Gunpowder, Treason & Plot'.

I took inspiration from the medal that King James I had made just after the discovery of the plotters, which was an engraving of a serpent laying amongst flowers. Shakespeare shortly after wrote Macbeth, and there were subtle references to the gunpowder plot within the play. The words here I have painted are what Lady Macbeth says to Macbeth:

'Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it'

OK the muskets aren't totally relevant but I had to find an excuse to paint them as I had a fab book with tons of illustrated guns which I picked up at a boot fair recently. T'was a brilliant night with tons of lovely people!

15 November 2012

Thanks Pirouline!

Received a whole selection of tasty treats from the lovely folks at Pirouline for featuring their product in the cover I created for the NY Times back in February, what a nice surprise :)

6 November 2012

The Simple Things

I cant remember if I mentioned this before! I'll have work featured in 'The Simple Things'  each month, which is a craft, interiors and lifestyle magazine. It is beautifully designed and generally scrumptious in lots of ways.

I'll be illustrating various curiosities for the 'Miscellany' section which is everything from practical and playful tips, notes and bits n bobs all designed to enhance the simple lifestyle.

Here are the illo's from issue 2 which was out a few weeks ago.

5 November 2012

Handmade with Love

Appleducks presents 'Handmade with Love' an art and craft event held this coming Saturday in Tunbridge Wells.  I'll be there!

I have prints available and cards too, ranging from Christmas to Colman's Mustard.  I have also been beavering away at some new veggie paintings on canvas so please do come take a look!