28 October 2014

New Prints for sale

I have some new Giclee prints for sale! Currently I have a range of prints from my original acrylic and watercolour illustrations of classic food cupboard items. I will hopefully also be creating a range of prints from veg paintings and the like soon. I can take custom orders if you would like larger sizes.

You will find them on my online shop... www.georginaluck.bigcartel.com.

Just in time for the perfect Christmas gift!

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Della Meyer said...

Most of the Giclee prints I've seen nowadays take little to no consideration of the outstanding colors prints are able to produce. I love the fact that you used it to your full advantage, and splashed the colors to a level that made each lightened and darkened color pop out. Kudos to you and your creativity, Georgina! More power to you and you business! :)

Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing