19 January 2015

End of an era

Well the time has come to end my contributions to The Simple Things magazine, I've worked on the 'Miscellany' section of the magazine for a few years now, producing 3 illustrations a month. The commissions have been weird and weirder and quite challenging, I've posted a few here and will post the Feb issue when it's on shelf.

Thanks for following!

1.) What to do with your leftover Halloween Pumpkin: A Pumpkin bird feeder of course. Hang it in the garden and hope it doesnt turn to mush.
2.) Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing that handwriting for those thank you cards. No biros or iPhones allowed.
3. )Play petanque. Anywhere!  

4.) Learn how to easily tie-dye a T-shirt. And make a lot of mess.

5.) Make a Crayola candle. Ok then.
6.) Pack an essential festival kit bag and dont forget the wet wipes!

7. )Write with a good old fashioned pen and ink on grubby looking paper.

8.) Pick up vintage tea-cups as and when you see them, charity shops, boot fairs ... Plant bulbs in them and give them away as presents. Just dont try and wrap them :)